Sargon Partners Inc. specializes in the development of start-up and entrepreneur businesses. We provide experience and capital to energetic and talented individuals and businesses to mutually create commercially successful businesses.

We believe that providing capital and business expertise will provide exceptional results. Our business expertise has been gained by our partners through many years of experience in the trenches of starting and running entrepreneurial companies. This expertise allows us to give early-stage companies the necessary guidance in operational development, strategic planning, and access to a powerful network of business associates.


Invisi-Tag, LLC  (Invisi-Tag.com)

From a concept to market product, Aminur Rahman created the next generation RFID mobile identification and management system.  The University of Michigan EE student with the guidance of Sargon Partners, created Invisi-Tag, a revolutionary vehicle based asset management system.  Utilizing his electrical engineering education, Aminur created a product that will transform efficiencies for any company that relies on equipment or tools to be transported to the job site.

During his 12 week internship, Aminur researched product globally, procured RFID component assemblies, modified components and managed the computer software integration into an entire mobile based RFID system.

This rapid progress was made possible by using Sargon’s 18 Point Milestone Plan. A business plan was prepared which includes a market survey, competitor analysis, financial and human resource projections and a complete profit analysis.

Upon the conclusion of the internship, a comprehensive mobile RFID system was produced and three prototype systems are ready for installation in final vehicle field testing.


Qu-Campus, Inc (qu-campus.com)

Zhongni Tang, a junior at UM majoring in business, interned with Sargon Partners in their concept company Qu-Communities.  She created Qu-Campus, the second social network in the Qu-Communities website group.

Zhongni created Qu-campus to provide a platform for students and faculty members to share opinions, events and products on individual campus sites.  Her vision for Qu-Campus is to become a nationwide website that focuses on individual college campuses.

Starting with the UM campus, her objective is to have more than 80% of the campus population using the website as their resource for events, goods and services and information in a year.   After a successful implementation at UM campus, she plans to replicate and popularize Qu-Campus to other campuses in Michigan and then to other states in the next five years.  For each campus site, she will recruit a local “Qu-Master” who will manage the site. They will be responsible for promoting the site as well as gathering local business supporters and attracting core student organizations and clubs to advertise their events.

Zhongni learned from her internship with Sargon Partners how to develop a startup business plan.  She was solely responsible for developing and implementing the plan.  She created a unique method to draw users and business activities to Qu-Campus.  At the end of the internship she realized that social websites are a growing industry with a few major websites dominating most of the market (Face book, Amazon and Craigslist) and many small local websites (e.g. welinkus) that are growing.  In the short term, websites are becoming more and more user friendly and localized. In the long term, they will combine new technology like smart phones or GPS with websites to offer more convenient and personal services for customers.

Qu-Communities and sub sites like Qu-Campus are well positioned to take advantage of the social network aspect and information available on the internet and create unique user experiences.


Raptor Products, Inc (video)

Senior engineering students at LTI were intrigued by one of Sargon Partners’ concept company products. Starting with the problem of front end damage encountered by drivers of high value vehicles, three students, Steve, an applied engineering student, Chris an engineering student, and Kyle an electrical engineering student developed a business and engineering plan to prevent front end damage.

The goal of this project was to design and produce an aftermarket sonar based damage prevention system for the front end of vehicles.  The system will alert the driver of potential front end damage by vibrating the driver seat with increasing intensity as the vehicle gets closer to obstacles and hazards

The team conducted market research, surveyed potential users, developed a business plan, designed and selected sensors and vibration motors, provided CAD drawings of the mounting of the systems components, produced electrical designs for vehicles, developed prototype products, and developed manufacturing, assembly and installation processes.

The team produced a great product that secured purchase orders for the sonar detection system.  After graduation they continue to collaborate on product improvements and methods of increasing sales.

To view Raptor Concepts presentation:



Divider Lumenilaire

LUMENILAIRE: www.lumenilaire.com

Next generation smart LED outdoor lighting systems.  These systems allow the user to completely control the design of light color intensity and sequencing of lighting systems. 

Divider Sigilo Fleet Management


Technology that offers a wireless solution that creates an electronic maintenance log.  The equipment organizational device is a powerful and effective method for keeping the equipment data with the equipment.  Pertinent repair and maintenance information is instantly available on an Android device. 

Divider Veho Motors

VEHO MOTORS: www.vehomotors.com

A car share club that allows its members the experience of enjoying a variety of unique and high-end automobiles by “sharing” the vehicles in the club’s collection.  The club also brings together a community of likeminded car enthusiast who are passionate about prestigious automobiles.

Divider Stealth Technologies


Vehicle and equipment fluid absorption system to collect leaking fluids on consumer and industrial equipment.

Divider Senal


Geo-fencing and geo-tracking software and hardware components.



Energy harvesting using thermo-electric transfer.



Purchasing portal to fully utilize the power of the internet.