Sargon Partners Inc can assist in the financial restructuring the company. Areas of specialization include providing initial or additional funding of the venture or assisting in a re capitalization of the company. We can provide both debt and equity financing to any business.

Sargon can provide the necessary capital to assist in the restructure the company, however adequate collateral in assets is necessary. Only primary secure status UCC filings will be considered

Equity Investments

Sargon Partners can provide the first outside financing in the company as part of investment. We would consider funding though a Series A Preferred Stock round with a minority equity position. Board seats would be required, usually two seats on the board would be considered.

Debt Financing

Secured Debt

Sargon will consider debt financing when collateral of the company has positive value. Typically, we will require primary secured status of the asset. Market rates are determined based upon several factors which will be determined on a case by case bases.