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1. Description of the Product or Service & Problem it is Solving: Describe the product or service to be sold by the company and the customer problem that it solves (i.e., the need). Do you know potential market size?

2. Competitive Advantage: What are the current and anticipated solutions to the problem, i.e., the competitive products or services? Why is your product or service better than the competition, and why will it have a sustainable competitive advantage? Are there any significant barriers to entry?

3. Technology Platform: Describe the underlying technology and what needs to be done to develop the intellectual property position further. Do you have IP protected i.e. a patent or options? Was a university or corporate employee involved or resources used in the creation of the technology?

4. Development Activities: What is the status of the development of the product or service? What are the near term activities and key milestones that are required for the development of the product or service? Are there any key alliances necessary?

5. Proposed Business Plan: How will the company generate revenue? Describe your marketing and sales strategy for capturing and defending significant market share. What are your profit expectations?

6. Initial Managerial and Development Team: Describe briefly the role of current participants and give their relevant background to their ongoing involvement in the product development or proposed company.

7. Financing Activities: Describe any funding to date, the dollar amount, use of the funds, and the source.

8. What kind of help would you like from Sargon Partners Inc.: